Typically emphasised that Velchev

In one other letter Swire wrote that ‘It can’t be too typically emphasised that Velchev is NOT a republican: however he wished to clip the King’s wings in order that he might do no extra hurt, both wittingly or unwittingly.’ And in the identical supply we learn just a little earlier that not solely was Velchev not a republican however in actuality a defender, albeit maybe a reluctant one, of the monarchy:

One other mistake made in England is to again King Boris as a result of he drives railway engines and infrequently shakes palms with peasants. Both he’s intentionally reactionary, or he’s a weak-kneed flop exploited by the reactionaries. The peasants are muttering angrily about “that Coburg”. Velchev as soon as instructed me he thought the day would come when he must save the monarchy—and if he lives I believe he in all probability will. I imagine the King himself is starting to understand that too.

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We all know full effectively that such cooperation between Boris and Velchev by no means did happen, nor did Swire’s naive perception in it final very lengthy. Quickly after Velchev’s arrest he was writing in very bitter and scathing phrases of Boris.


King Alexander visited Sofia

A narrative is reliably instructed in Belgrade that when King Alexander visited Sofia on the finish of Sep* tember 1934 King Boris, earlier than presenting Velchev to him, remarked: “That is our Apis”. ., Subsequent day King Boris abruptly requested King Alexander: “How did you rid your self of your Apis?”, to which Alexander replied that not he however a accountable Authorities had “liquidated” Apis and his buddies. And when Alexander, on returning to Belgrade, was discussing his go to to Sofia along with his Cupboard he stated (in keeping with this story): “King Boris tried to get me to prescribe a components whereby he might do away with Velchev. Velchev had higher take care.”25

This was after all pure hypothesis and we now have no proof that Boris ever made such remarks, however that Swire might report them is a measure of his personal mistrust of the King. This mistrust put Swire at odds along with his personal authorities in London and with British representatives in Sofia.



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